About Us
In the end it's not the destination, but the journey together that really matters.

We are a hobby kennel located near the coast in Maine, about 2 hours north of Portland. We strive to produce the "whole" Sheltie as described in the standard - not just pleasing to look at but sound in mind and body. Our dogs are house dogs and our companions as well as show dogs.

The elements of proper breed type are extremely important to us - head detail, outline and balance and coat texture to name a few. Equally important is temperament - we want our Shelties to be sensible, fun-loving, smart and have the ability to "think". The third equally important area is soundness. Correct structure and movement are only one part of this area. Reproductive soundness and longevity are also important.

We are very honest in evaluating our show puppies and do not sell any Sheltie into a show home unless we feel it truly has the potential to do well in the show ring. We will give as much help as possible to anyone who has purchased one of our dogs for the show ring including teaching grooming and handling if the owner wishes to owner-handle. We offer the same to anyone who has a Sheltie sired by one of our studs. For those who do not wish to owner-handle we can provide that service.

We are also interested in having our puppies go into performance homes.  Performance puppies need to have good structure in addition to great attitudes and trainability. We don't believe that any puppy who doesn't make the grade for the show ring can automatically be a performance puppy. Our Shelties have done well in obedience, agility and herding.

Our commitment to our Shelties is for their lifetimes.  Our pet puppies are sold on spay/neuter contracts only. We offer a lifetime genetic guarantee with our puppies and will take any puppy or dog sold by us back at any time for any reason. We want to know where all our Shelties are always.

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